— This stencil tutorial explains the production process from the moment your stencil design is finished and printed and up to the moment where it's ready to be sprayed on the wall. In other words, it is mainly a stencil cutting tutorial, so it doesn't involve how to create a stencil from an image, or how to spray it on a wall. I'll write guides for that later on.

  The stencils I've chosen for this walkthrough are part of a project of HC crew, named "Decisions, Decisions". It consists of two separate figures with their correspondent color backgrounds, so that's 4 pieces of cardboard, to which I added a fifth component, the title text - DECISIONS,

 Here's some of the issues treated in this walkthrough:

 • Creating a large stencil by putting A4 prints together
 • Stencil cutting - tips and tricks
 • Organizing your work efficiently
 • Securing islands, the HC method
 • Creating the background layer contour without wasting more paper + printer ink
 • Preparing your work for an easy, stealthy transportation


 The stencil base material in this guide is "Duplex" Cardboard, procured at the local library. It's not a great card, because it can get very fuzzy when it tears due to bad blades and furthermore it has the tendency not to stay flat when you bend it a bit. I'd go for a lot of other options I've heard of, but they're not available to me (Bucharest, RO). However, the advantage of this card is that you buy it in 70x100 cm sheets. For larger-than-A4 projects it's easier to stick the whole thing on one of these sheets and cut away, worrying about folding it for transport later.

 The manufacturing tools I've become accustomed to are the Hobby Knife (with replaceable blades), an auxiliary large cutter for less accurate tasks, the KORES™ glue stick for sticking the printed papers onto the cardboard, and the obligatory ruler, pencil, ball-point pen and marker, helpful in any occasion.

 Other specialized tools and materials will appear later on, in the HC-trademarked sections of the production, but this is the usual line-up when I wanna cut some stencils.

   This HC stencil project is about the classic angel—devil theme: one tells you to do that, the other tells you the opposite. The concept was designed for placement in a school entrance, where (hopefully) students would notice it and think twice before stepping through the door.
To be more precise, the devil on the right pillar says "GET OUT" and the angel on the left says "GET IN".
As I mentioned before, it's made of 4 pieces: a Shadows layer (the effective stencil) and a background layer for each of the "creatures". Naturally, the angel is white and the devil is red.
The size - 3 A4 pages high and 2 pages wide, so about 80 cm high. We could say lifesized, but we're dealing with angels and devils, so I don't know what to call it.
The "Decisions, Decisions" text I ended up not using (in the original placement) but fortunately the stencils were preserved and I was able to do them again at another location, this time with the title too.
  But, without further ado, let's get on to the first step